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BLoSC Redux - To Infinity and Beyond!
Buzz Lightyear of Star Command Livejournal Community
12th-Aug-2011 05:44 pm - Prompt fic collection
Prompt fic from scribe_protra here at http://scribe-protra.livejournal.com/208296.html:

Buzz/Alternate!Warp, missing pieces:

Read more...Collapse )

XL & XR, happy birthday!:

Read more...Collapse )

Ty/XR, technopath:

Read more...Collapse )

Alt!Buzz/Warp, uneasy:

Read more...Collapse )

Alt!Buzz's thoughts on Normal!Warp (I found and finally rewatched "The Lightyear Factor" on youtube for this--don't know how much that worked with directly inspiring this though, other than really confirming how much of a badass Evil!Buzz is--and I brought in my idea of Alt!Nos and Alt!Wirewolf for cameos):

Read more...Collapse )

Ty/Buzz, compare and contrast (I may cheat a little since you didn't exactly say it couldn't be Alt!Ty and I apparently have a fondness for Buzz puzzling over alternate dimensions--but there is canon Ty, though this is my first attempt with him, and I realize now how difficult he is):

Read more...Collapse )

Zurg/Warp, calm down:

Read more...Collapse )

NOS & Warp, whatever:

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Academy era Buzz/Ty/Warp, roomies:

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oh scrap
11th-Aug-2011 09:32 pm - A Forum for the Masses!
And it's finally here! The BLoSC-themed forum, especially for those of you who love talking about our favourite show! We got a whopping twelve members within hours of releasing the forum to the public and we're already seeing small bursts of activity!

To Infinity and Fandom!

So what're you guys waiting for? Sign up!
1st-Aug-2011 04:18 pm - Fanvids
I made two BLoSC-related fanvids a while back and figured I'd post them here since I'm preparing a third. It's actually pleasantly surprising how many BLoSC fanvids you can find out there!

King of FoolsCollapse )

Playing With The Big BoysCollapse )

Let me know what you think! The next fanvid will be done with higher quality episode rips~
9th-Jan-2011 03:38 pm - BLoSC Characters on a RP site?
Hello, community! Sorry, I haven't really been active or around, but real life's been busy and I've been absorbed in a roleplaying site. You know how these things happen. And it's actually because of this roleplaying site that I wanted to talk to you all. Portal Breach is a fun RP site, however, since it's been around for close to two years, a lot of BLoSC characters that people used to play have been dropped, which is a real bummer.

If anyone's interested in playing any of the following characters, we'd love to greet some new members to the site!

* Booster (Level 6) - Claimed! (we think)
* Romac (Level 7)
* NOS-4-A2 (Level 30) - (He's being shared, but still up for grabs if interested!)

* XL (Level 2)

The characters already claimed are Buzz Lightyear, Evil Emperor Zurg, XR, Warp Darkmatter, Dr. Ozma Furbanna and Mira Nova, and if you want to play any other BLoSC characters we'd be more than happy to welcome you. We also have some shared/NPC accounts which include Commander Nebula, the LGMs and Dr. Animus. Star Command and the space rangers in general have fallen into disarray, so it might take some effort to bring everything back into shape, but I think it would be easier if we had more fans on the site.

Anyone interested? You can check the site out here and the DA club here.
31st-Aug-2010 02:47 am - Yeah, am blanking on ideas on this.
I need some help with uh. Well some rather NC17 not safe for work conversation.

So not safe for work at ALL.Collapse )
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